Monday, September 19, 2011

Fairytale meet Reality

This afternoon was a bit out of the ordinary for us. Usually by the time Cameron gets home from school our day is winding down a bit. Today we had a dentist appointment so we were on the run all afternoon.
Andrew is TDY, so I decided that tonight would be a good night to use Cameron's free kids meal from Chick Fil A. I also decided that instead of drive thru we would go inside and eat and then play in the play place.
In my mind it was going to be a wonderful time. We were going to have stimulating conversation at the table, there was going to be giggling and small woodland creatures were going to appear and nibble out of our hands while calming music played in the backround. We were going to be the family that everyone looked at and wished they could be.
That picture quickly evaporated walking in the door. Reagan lost her shoe in the parking lot and wouldn't let me put it on until I had her strapped in the high chair. We place our order uneventfully and make it to our table. After getting the kids settled I sat down and began to ask Cameron about his day. This conversation was interrupted when Reagan, who had decided she didn't want to eat she just wanted to drink the lemonade, punctured the cup with the straw, emptying the contents on the table, chair and floor.
As I began to clean it up Cameron announced that he had to go to the bathroom. That is when it hit me, this was the first time I had taken both kids out to eat all by myself. Usually it is with a friend or my lovely husband. I look up and we are close to the bathroom so I tell Cameron just to go ahead and go, and come right back.
Soon we were all sitting back down to enjoy our meals, but that quickly ended when Reagan announced that she was full and tried to push her food off the table.
I packed up the food, promising Cameron that he could finish his meal when we got home, and got the kids ready to go play in the play place. That was when I discovered that there was more lemonade in the chair than I thought, because her pants were SOAKED!
I had a decision to make, do I make us go home or do I strip Reagan down to her diaper and shirt and let them play....playing was the answer. So yes, I was THAT mother who let her daughter play in the play place with only a diaper, shirt and socks on!
The story doesn't end there. I noticed her diaper was droopy, so I quickly changed her. I mentally noted that I was putting on the last diaper in my bag. No big deal...I would have plenty of time to fill it before playgroup tomorrow.
Reagan, in her typical fashion, proved that I had flawed thinking. No more than two minutes later she filled her diaper. So now I was THAT mother who let her child play in her diaper and shirt AND stink up the play place.
I quickly gathered up children, shoes, and all the randomness that comes from venturing out with children. We headed home where there were baths all around, and then the blessed quietness that is bedtime!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An Educational After School Snack

I was inspired by my friend from "Coffee, Chaos and Contentment" to search our "Scrabble Jr Cheez its". She used it as a great afternoon snack. I thought today would be the perfect day to have a special little snack since my little guy has his 5 year old check up this afternoon and gets a flu shot!

A special message for my special boy!

Can't leave his sister out!!!

Family Rules

For awhile now I have wanted to come up with some sort of family rules. I did alot of web browsing trying to find ideas and concepts.
Yesterday day I found a great blog post, "My Blessed Life". That gave me the inspiration I needed to spend this afternoons nap time making one of my own. I pick and chose the rules she had, and instead of using fabric, I used scrapbooking paper and posterboard. I really like how it turned out!

My finished product!!

Hanging up so we can all be reminded!

Friday, September 9, 2011

I Remember.... in one of our nation's darkest days, the sky had never been so blue.
......hearing planes flying above me and having my heart skip a beat wondering who was in control of them.
......watching in horror over the images being played over and over again on the TV.
......hearing how my friend's husband had to leave DC on foot. grateful I was that all of my family was safe.
......gathering at our church for a prayer meeting that night, and the sense of urgency each prayer had.
......driving on the streets that evening and noticing how empty they were.
......finally falling asleep and hoping that the day was just a really bad dream.

In the days that followed I remember....
......the sense of patriotism that every person had.
......the sense of camaraderie. everyone had a story, and every had time to listen. kindness was shown to strangers. we gathered as a nation to stand behind our troops, our firemen and our policemen. political lines didn't matter, what mattered were the people.

As a nation we promised "we would never forget". We won't, we can't. For every person alive on that day, it was a life changing event. But in the midst of remembering the bad, the act of terror, lets remember the good it brought out in people. Lets remember how we embraced each other, how help was given and how we had compassion.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Changes for the Coles

This week was a big week in our house. Cameron started kindergarten!!! All summer we have been looking forward to it and planning for it. He was already to go on Tuesday, but because of Irene, his first day wasn't until Thursday, so I got a couple more days of spending time with my little boy.

The night before I packed his lunch, his snack and made sure he had everything he needed in his backpack. I added a note in his lunchbox, just like my mom used to do.

We started the morning off with chocolate chip pancakes....what better way to start kindergarten then with a sugar high!!!!

He got dressed quickly, and Reagan and I prepared to walk him to the bus stop. What I wasn't prepared for was how grown up he looked!!!

He chose spiderman shoes for school. It was the first time he really had an opinion about what kind of shoes he wanted. They even light up!

He waited patiently for the school bus, although he did have to sit down because his backpack was too heavy!

He got on the bus with no hesitation!

He waved to us as the bus drove away and he was off to kindergarten!
What I didn't expect was for Reagan to burst into tears! She was very upset that brother went off without her! She and I left for our walk and every school bus that passed she cried out for brother. She really loves him!

That afternoon Cameron got off the bus proclaiming that his teacher told him that he was a kindergarten star! He had a great two days of school last week, and is looking forward to going back on Tuesday!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

To play catch up....

This summer was awesome! Lots of fun! Here is a recap!

Lots of fun at the pool!

Lots of outdoor fun, and a visit from Patience!

Peep jousting!

We celebrated Cameron, Andrew and Patience's birthdays.....we ate ALOT of cake!

Cameron went to THREE different VBS programs!

We had LOTS of fun with friends!

Andrew went to Australia, I went to the beach with my girlfriends!

And all the kids grew up right before my eyes!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!!!

We were blessed with a really wonderful Fourth of July yesterday! It was filled with friends, food, family and fireworks!!!

We had a great time making our paper chain decoration! It was fun, Andrew quizzed us on the order of the states. Cameron surprised everyone by knowing Nebraska was known for their corn,not sure how he knew that one!

We used the chain to decorate our front porch!

We also did glitter crafts to bring the fireworks indoors!!